Our Story

My Grandmother, Willie Grace Rankin, created this style of taco back in Texas. This taco is very different from a traditional taco which involves a crunchy tortilla shell used to cradle meat that is prepared separately. With this taco the meat and shell are prepared together to make what we like to call an “American Style Taco” or a “Rankin Taco.” Traditionally we have served these tacos the “Dave Rankin Way” with a salad topping, ketchup, and Crystal Hot Sauce as condiments. Served with a side of Texas style beans and flat tater tots you have what resembles an American Hamburger in a crispy shell as opposed to a bun. Over the years I have created my own salad toppings, salsas and sides that change the original design just enough to open up different options for customers with different taste buds or preferences. 

I absolutely loved these tacos when I was growing up and over the years literally hundreds of people have enjoyed them as well. We’ve never had anyone dissatisfied because while many enjoy the original “Dave Rankin Way”, another may enjoy skipping the salad and spooning in the beans and tater tots inside the crispy shell. This taco provides myself, and the customer, artistic license to create what each prefers, making it the world’s first “user friendly” taco. It is truly an original idea with diversity and imagination and it must be shared with the world through my hands!!

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